Awning fabric adapter Fix & Go AntiFlap
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Awning fabric adapter Fix & Go AntiFlap

Product color blue, orange
colour blue
material PA polyamide
depth 8.5 cm
height 8.5 cm
broad 16 cm
Net weight without packaging 250 g
Pack size wide 20 cm
Packed height 28 cm
Depth pack size 9 cm

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Fix & Go AntiFlap awning clamp almost completely reduces the annoying 'flapper noise'. Simply slide the clamping device sideways onto the fabric, place it on the existing rafters or spring bars from the awning manufacturer that are attached on both sides, turn the eccentric lever and close it by flipping it. The clamping cushions hold the cloth tightly without damaging it. Then silicone tapes are stretched around the rod and hooked into the corresponding grid perforation, depending on the circumference of the rod. If you want more security, you can slide our optionally available TieStrap into the built-in piping. This is clamped by the eccentric lever in the piping rail during tensioning, so that the T-connector of the TieStrap cannot work its way out.
Fix & Go AntiFlap is compatible with almost all awning systems, regardless of whether they have round, oval or square raft poles.

2 rafters from the awning manufacturer, optional TieStrap Peggy Peg

2 pieces

Data sheet

20 cm
9 cm
30 cm
1 kg

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