WM Aquatec descaler Kxpress bis 120 l
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WM Aquatec descaler Kxpress bis 120 l

Effective descaling of the fresh water system

descales your entire fresh water system – without leaving any residue

with the natural active ingredient of lemon

eliminates unpleasant odors

with child safety lock

also suitable for household appliances, e.g. e.g. coffee machines, kettles, etc.

up to 160 liter tank size (results in 20 liters of descaling solution)

simultaneous cleaning/disinfection possible in connection with Dexda® Clean

Content: 250 ml

Dimensions (⌀ x H): 5 × 18 cm

Pack size: 5 × 5 × 17.3 cm

Weight: 250g

Gross Weight: 250g


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5 cm
5 cm
20 cm
0.50 kg

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