REICH connector 90 degrees angled Uniquick 12 mm
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REICH connector 90 degrees angled Uniquick 12 mm


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The pluggable UniQuick pipe system with a dimension of 12 mm has many advantages over conventional hose systems.

The unique UniQuick pipe consists of a special material that even meets the latest and strictest drinking water and foodstuffs guidelines in Germany and Europe, not only at temperatures of up to 60 °C but even up to 90 °C.

Installation is carried out by simply inserting the pipe into the UniQuick fittings, without screwing, gluing or welding. The plug-in connection can be detached and reused at any time if required.

The UniQuick pipe guarantees 100% tightness up to a pressure of 6 bar at 80°C. In addition, it is not sensitive to frost.

Due to its special material, it is extremely insensitive to mechanical damage.

With the UniQuick pipe, radii can be laid without buckling the pipe. This means that the full flow of the pipe is always maintained. Even in the area of ​​the fittings, the full flow is maintained, since no conventional and cross-section-restricting nozzles are used. Due to the stability of the pipe, an exact laying is possible without the formation of "water pockets", this reduces the risk of incomplete emptying and thus also prevents contamination.

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