Omnia oven
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Omnia oven

Technical information
material aluminum
Content volume 2 l
broad 250 mm
height 140 mm
Net weight 500 g
Pack size 28.1 x 26.8 x 10.5 cm
Gross weight 0.8 kg
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Simple and robust construction

Omnia is easy to use and does not require any installation. The oven has been tried and tested and works on almost every stove (not suitable for an induction stove). The instructions for use can be found under the article number at

Material: sheet steel / aluminum. Volume: approx. 2 liters.

Three parts

Omnia consists of three parts. An aluminum mold that holds all the ingredients or the dough. The shape looks like a round bundt cake with a hole in the middle. Below it is a special stainless steel lower part, also with a hole in the middle. The aluminum lid with small air holes is high enough for the bread or cake to rise properly.

Top and bottom heat

The heat from the stove is transported to the baked goods by convection and the shape of the construction gives both top and bottom heat. The special underframe is shaped as a shell and creates an air gap between the underframe and the underside of the aluminum mold. Warm air in the air gap warms the underside of the mold and creates the bottom heat. The warm air passes through the construction through the hole, both in the base and in the round aluminum shape, is reflected on the lid and creates the top heat.

Data sheet

25 cm
14 cm
25 cm
1 kg

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