Truma Aventa Compact grau Aircon
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Truma Aventa Compact grau Aircon


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The Aventa compact is dimensioned so that it fits on any vehicle roof. It is also the lightest and quietest roof air conditioner on the market. Excellent cooling performance is a matter of course.

Practical: the air conditioning system can be installed quickly and easily using the universal installation frame

Flexible: Aventa's modular product range fits all vehicles - from panel vans to liners

Proven: In the event of a guarantee, you will receive a new device from us

Networked: Easy to integrate into the Truma iNet system

The cool air flows through the entire interior via the small air distributor. The four outlets can be adjusted individually and dose the air flow evenly and draft-free in the vehicle.

With the small air distributor, there is no need to allow for any free space on the side. Because of this and the compact dimensions, it offers much more flexible design options for furniture construction. Unhindered blowing must be guaranteed in front of and behind the air distributors.

Refreshes confidently -

light, quiet, powerful

The Truma Aventa compact and Aventa compact plus roof air conditioning systems are dimensioned so that they fit on almost any vehicle roof. At the same time, they are the lightest and quietest

Roof air conditioners on the market. With the excellent cooling performance and the individually adjustable air distributor, they are the

first choice for all recreational vehicles.

Compact: lightest roof air conditioner on the market *

Universal: fits all recreational vehicles

Comfortable: runs extremely quietly

Powerful: Cools faster than any other rooftop air conditioner *

Smart: control air conditioning and automatic air conditioning conveniently via app

* in their performance class

The temperature and blower level are set on the remote control - or optionally on the Truma CP plus or in the Truma App (in combination with the Truma iNet Box). The Truma Combi with the Truma CP plus control unit is already available in most vehicles, which means that the Aventa air conditioning system can be easily integrated into the existing system. The automatic air conditioning is controlled via the Truma CP plus or the Truma app.


Current consumption in cooling mode: 2.8 A

External dimensions: 785 x 265 x 560 mm (W x H x D)

Internal dimensions: 556 x 46 x 496 mm (W x H x D)

Roof cut-out: 380 x 350 mm and 400 x 400 mm (W x D)

Roof thickness: 25 - 50 mm (with roof thickness adapter up to 110 mm)

Cooling capacity: 1700 W / 5800 BTU / h

Power consumption: 650 W

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